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I’m a daughter, wife to newly retired hubby, mother, homemaker, grandmother, sister, aunt, a listener and many others besides. Bring your cup of tea or coffee and stay a while.

Hi, I’m Alexa. Growing up mainly in Adelaide South Australia, my husband and I moved to Sydney  when our youngest was eight…go on down the years to now, where I am very recently  retired from working with intellectually disabled vulnerable adults. My wish is to be able to spend more time with family near and far.

We have five adventurous grandsons
ages 16, 14, 2x 5(cousins), and nearly 3
and one gorgeous granddaughter 18

My blog is a new adventure for me on the road on Life’s journey. Besides learning how the blog and setup works and spellcheck works, I hope to reflect on life’s happenings, memories, musings and family. Things that you as a reader might enjoy, sometimes funny and other times thought provoking…but in saying that it is also to my benefit as I reflect, ponder and be thankful.

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Where have those years gone

Things I enjoy are reading, sewing, gardening, nurturing, learning new things, but most of all having time with our family and God’s Word.

This personal blog is written and edited by me. I let family at times read a written piece before I publish and I also will edit after posting if I see something could have been done better. The views and opinions written here are my own.

Many of the photographs I use are from a fabulous site www.morguefile.com
The photographers names at times I may forget to mention but I thank them here and by stating Photographs per favour of Morgue file free photos in each blog post.

I love your comments dear readers from near and far.

Thank you dear visitor for coming by.

I am also on Facebook

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