Boost juice brekky smoothie …my version

Boost juice brekky smoothie-my version

Healthy lunch smoothie for me today and a dose of randomness.

Time to use up that lonely frozen ripe banana from the freezer. Into blender with about 1 cup cold water from fridge and the appropriate amount of full cream powdered milk. A handful of rolled oats and a tiny dash of Vanilla essence. Normally I use Canadian Maple Syrup which I bought from Costco and decanted into an empty maple syrup bottle….tis much much cheaper bought in bulk.

Depending what’s in season or in freezer I have added blue berries and they are the best !!!!

Lid on blender and blend furiously…in deed I was very lucky that my hand was over the top of the lid as I had forgotten to also replace that tiny circular inner lid. Oops!

Pour into cold tall glass from fridge. Add large dollop of my homemade Greek style yoghurt, also a heaped teaspoon of LSA and if I’m using the maple syrup this is when I add it. I must say I prefer the Maple syrup. Vanilla is too sweet tasting. With a long spoon stir in the topping thoroughly and enjoy…sipping slowly. I thin it down a tiny bit if my handful of oats was too generous. Very filling.

Boost juice brekky smoothie, copycat

A quick meal which could be prepared earlier and stored in fridge and thinned down with fridge cold water if it gets too thick…I know at one time when we had an English girl living with us she took along for breakfast a prepared brekky drink like now you can purchase in popper form. It consisted of some weetbix mixed with milk and shaken up with possibly a bit of honey or sugar all in a screw top drink bottle. Stored in the fridge she took it with her when she left before dawn for her long trek to work doing Nursing on the other side of town via bus and train… it was a healthy and cheap option way before all these commercial convenience breakfast drinks were round and much healthier. So no need to buy. Cross it off your list.

That was a bit of a stroll down memory lane:)

Boost juice brekky smoothie, copycat  like

Walking into the lounge I find a battered and loved little Matchbox car left behind in our car from little grandsons having gone to swimming lessons with grandma. Busy fun times with lots of energy used up and then time for food. Little squares or rolled up slices of bread with Vegemite/Promite and avocado. Their little packed morning tea and lunches look so cute and get wolfed down pretty quickly! Clever mothers. Healthy , straight on hand and saving a heap.

Trying to cull some photos on my iPad I came across this photo…old world charm from an old Queenslander style house…of course in Queensland. Would have loved to have had time to absorb all the intricate beauty of these homes. As it was we only had time for a drive past in a few streets and one actual mini stop for a couple of photographs. Lots of upkeep in these houses with painting and making sure the wood doesn’t deteriorate. Endless work but what charm and character as seen in the below picture along with the old tree trunk with its patterned lichen….what amazing stories and memories this house and around it hold.

From the days when white man first settled here near the river and the aborigines still lived in the surrounding bush….

Comparing old houses quite weary and in need of tender loving care to the lovingly restored and renovated or modernized homes or even as I saw a church now turned into a Child care centre. Was an awesome sight right on the corner of an intersection and going up a hill….

Memories what would we do without them….and the random happenings which make life interesting instead of constant sameness.

Boost juice brekky smoothie copy, Queenslander, heritage  building,

Hope your day created some memories, saved some money or learnt something new among the many challenges and joys of life.

Till later, and thanks for coming by.

From Alexa

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