Fitness…Get into shape

Fitness...Get into shape, keep fit, healthy eating

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Fitness. Get into shape. A different perspective.

In the norm getting into shape implies changing a way or style of life.

Doing more, getting active, getting involved in sporty pursuits. Running, walking, jogging, swimming. Tai chi, yoga-which is very popular and has many disciplines and intensities, cycling, also boot camps for fitness. But remember it’s not the more you pay the fitter you are!

Then there are so many YouTube links for you to do whatever you like and at whatever level of fitness you choose to follow in the privacy of your own home, or even with a private group of friends and family.

Pictures that come to my mind…

Young dad joining his teen nephew on trampoline for an impromptu game of bounce.

Dear husband riding bike with grandson who was so very worried grandpa would fall off that he kept looking back to check. All was well though and no broken bones!

From younger days a very fit husband going snorkelling and spear fishing and gathering a feast of fish.

Now we enjoy going for walks and along the beach (the nicest) and playing with grandchildren who love to keep us on the go. Looking after grandchildren. Lawns to mow and gardens to keep.

Whatever our choice, whatever our age and ability we have an endless supply of information and ideas, and come at different costs.

So get to it and do a tiny bit today and every day even without outlaying a cent….

Now, here is a very different way to get into shape…”shapes” and looking good.

Originally these photos were for part two of the “Everyday around us”. I have given them a twist here which is what life is all about…being adaptable.

Have a good look at these pictures and decide for yourself….they are still about shape, but now they include “form” and “structure”…..things we tend to miss as we go about life.

Pause and look closely…

patterns in metal and patterns in wood;
whirls and stripes, curls and swirls…
lines and squares,
triangles of metal and wood,
stars in screws,
intricate veins in leaves,
tiny round flowers against the rough texture of rocky steps.

Fitness...Get into shape

Original Queenslander Homestead with watch tower and fret work

Fitness...Get into shape,

Get into shape, swirls, column, square and leaves

Fitness...Get into shape, wooden gate

Into shape through gate opening

Fitness...Get into shape, wood knot, texture

Fitness...Get into shape, textured wood gate

Fitness...Get into shape...step excercise

Step up to get cardiovascular system going

Fitness...Get into shape...step your way to health

So one step at a time we are on the way to a healthier body. If we eat well that is even better. If we join the family in for fun run around at times it doesn’t become a have to, it is FUN, and that’s the clincher for who doesn’t like fun!

Till later


Written by Alexa
Photographs belong to me Alexa-asimplelife

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