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Refreshing water on grass

Refreshing water on grass (by Rollingroscoe)


Word picture written on a Thursday 5th December 2013:-

Sights and sounds of summer yesterday…
A hot still blue sky
Cicadas chirping, um screeching
Missing the hiss of a sprinkler
….old fashioned sound from my youth …no water restrictions
….Children’s hysterical laughter as they run and play, chase and scream under the sprinkler’s rainbow

A summer day

A summer day (By imelenchon)

Word picture written on Monday 16th December 2013:-

A new lavender hedge grown enough to proudly show off its plump flower buds….look at me, look at me,
Overcast skies and an occasional sprinkling of light rain but with a balmy temperature
…Hope you can enjoy a lovely moment today if only briefly
Love you dearest sister
Hugs and God Bless you and all yours

Sounds this summer morning Friday 10th January 2014
Listen…..What’s that screeching buzzing noise …. Ahh Cicadas. That’s what set the theme for this post.

Now at this very moment of writing….At it’s usual
time ..the amphibious water taxi flying l.o.w. and s.l.o.w. overhead on its way from base to Rose Bay close to Sydney Harbour.

What a fabulous job being able to fly over our beautiful Sydney Harbour and surrounds each day in nice weather. Then back again to base at 5pm. L.o.w. and s.l.o.w. A nostalgic sight. Always makes me think of the “Biggles” books our son read many, many moons ago.

Now the mundane everyday happenings which keep a household running smoothly. Give the veggie patch some water and put snail bait out for the pesky slugs getting to my lush young Basil plants. Check the new rocket seedlings. All looking good for tasty additions to salads. Oh, and those spring onions are shooting nicely where I planted the white onion bulb ends from bought spring onions / shallots.

Wash a woollen blanket for a quick dry today so I can sort out some spare linen and quilts and put away in space bags. Tidy cupboard. Yay!

…and so a day continues in its cycle. Heavy work, easy work, paper work, thinking work, planning work, finishing work. A balance and a harmony.

Hand washing country style by jdurham

Hand washing country style by jdurham

Life can be a struggle sometimes don’t you think…and when it gets a bit too much find something beautiful in the day.


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