Joy of Friends, a support network.

Joy of friends, support network

If you allow yourself to open up to others, it becomes a gift – it is a gift to yourself and to others.

A friend is a gift to yourself.

This ancient tree….

I wonder how many people have walked under or by this spreading tree, or observed it from afar wishing they could enjoy its cooling shade on a hot day.

Joy of friends, a support network

How many scenes, dramas and stories have played out under its canopy. Picnic gathering with a couple or a tribe. Hurried bustle, gentle stroll, children of all ages clambering over those gigantic roots, friendships made and friendships lost or friendships even strengthened.

Being a friend requires a listening ear, which is THE hardest thing to do. We so often cannot wait to offer opinions rather than just listening with that hearing ear. It takes no monetary effort but our conscious effort.

So give that gift to another….because there will come a time when we need a friend in our life.

Now as we know there are different depths of friends as there are different types of people and all have various needs. This one fills a need for succour, another the need of companionship, that one supports us when we are weary, these ones help when we need to bounce some ideas around.

Young and old, we weave a tapestry together to create a strong unit and as the saying is “it takes a village to raise a child”

So let’s all try to succour each other, observe and seek out whom we may help.

Even the smallest deed from a helping hand can have great reach.

Or knowing of a need in someone yet unable personally to provide it. …by having succoured friendships we know who can provide that strength. That helping hand. That friendship circle….and you know that in life generally we probably already do that without conscious thought.

Joy of friends, a support network, cyclamen in pot

Also on another tangent, who hasn’t in conversation mentioned like I did some years ago, or observed “Oh how I miss being able to help my ageing mother who lives interstate” yet standing right next to me is a recent older widow. There’s many opportunities right under our own nose….people from other places with no familiar people for them, be a support for them or lead them to the right contacts for them.

So let us be a generous and awesome friend today. Are we up to the challenge?

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  1. So true, Alexa! Wise words! xo

  2. Thank you Lis…hope your mama days are happy with little Ruby

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