#Off Course

By AcrylicArtist@morgueFile free photos

By AcrylicArtist@morgueFile free photos

Tuesday 16 June…blown off course

A fleeting moment

I was amazed to see a precious sight
The graceful flight
A Monarch butterfly
In winter

Very much blown off course

His colour was resplendent, not tattered at all
Bright and richly hued his coat

Hungry for his food

Dipping into my lavender hedge and feasting on the flower heads
A dip here and a taste here
Up into the air and down again
A few more sips and off

The breeze too strong for him to resist
The urge to wander
Over the fence and away
Even before I had my chance
No photo shutter snap
Even though,
Even though I wished him back

Indeed a sight to lift the heart. Ethereal grace.

It also makes me glad that I still have not pruned my Lavender hedge. It pains me to think that I WILL have to do it….one day!

Would we seize that moment and make the most of a fleeting opportunity. Could I. Whatever it be. Give a moment of joy. Create a moment.

My wishful moment of stillness right now.

By Jusben@morgueFile free photos

By Jusben@morgueFile free photos

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