Seize that moment

aloe vera flower, flap jacks succulents, Chinese jade plant, tropical trumpet flowerSeize that moment, and savour it…

Someone sounds happy thinking it is spring
Vivid blue skies in the vault above

But wait

There are underdressed roses trying unsuccessfully to hide behind the Big red pelargoniam who are showing off in pots.

Seize the moment, winter , winter garden, prune roses, deciduous trees, Chinese tallow tree, Big  Red geranium, pelargoniam

So too, the wiry skeleton trees rattling their bones not able to hide at all.

All too bare and so very cold looking without their finery

…”No matter, I shall sing” warbles the hidden Black bird. But now I think it is a Cardinal bird
“There is sunshine, so I SHALL sing”

This was the beautiful sound and sight I enjoyed this morning with a cup of steaming tea hastily placed on a brick wall allowing me to video. Earlier I had heard this happy song in the back yard but was not quick enough.

When merry bird started again I just happened to tracked him down to my sun and colour filled spot, cup of tea and all.

I was chasing some sun to stand in on a cold and frosty morning….school bus was iced up, that I know!

What a precious and beautiful start to my day.

Our lovely visitors had been sadly waved off for their long drive home interstate.

We had enjoyed a relaxed cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs and toasted muffins.
We also tested out the new silicon egg rings. A resounding two thumbs up was the verdict…
As the foods cooked we chatted, savouring piping hot coffee, tea or orange juice.

Seize the day, silicon egg rings, home made breakfast

Silicon egg rings from Kmart

A lovely interlude shared but now back to reality for everyone and the everyday machinations of a home.

The sun is out, so quickly let’s get some washing done…the heavy stuff. Towels, hand towels , face washers galore from numerous visits of precious little grandchildren. Large towels which had been used to hide under and play all sorts of adventure games.

Out I trot with the wash baskets and happily peg them up in the brilliant sunshine. Cold but refreshing.

This corner is always a sun trap and home to my large pots of succulents.

Today they make me smile.

plants, planting in pots, aloe vera, aloe vera flower, flap jacks succulents, Chinese jade plant.

plants, planting in pots, aloe vera, aloe vera flower, flap jacks succulents, Chinese jade plant.
Then the sun disappeared and with it the warmth. I have persevered drying the laundry outside but inevitably the towels are finishing off in front of the gas heater as we warm our house this cold winter day.

Seize the day, line drying washing, air drying washing, line dry laundry, air dry laundry

Always Safety First when drying laundry.  No children about.  Do NOT leave open fires untended.

Always Safety First when drying laundry. No children about.
Do NOT leave open fires untended.

Winter we have here in Australia but by and by we shall find Spring.

Even as this blossom testifies.

roses, deciduous trees, Chinese tallow tree, Big  Red geranium. Spring blossom

Seize that moment
A tiny impromptu video on my Facebook page of my happy but hidden friend singing :)

7 thoughts on “Seize that moment

  1. Your photos are truly gorgeous, Alexa. You must use something much better than a smart phone for the stunning images I see here. Thank you!

    • reneeliamrhys says:

      I use my trusty iPad for quick easy down/upload? of picture. Easy to whip out for an opportune photo. But I have decided to remind myself to watch where I step when my eyes are on the “shoot”
      A small sickly mandarin tree in the lawn acted like a shin high hurdle in my latest haste! I was stunned wondering what on earth had hit my shin :)
      Lucky it was lawn as my iPad ended on the grass.

  2. Beautifully written Alexa.

    I cant wait for spring, I am really feeling the cold this year.

    Wishing you a fabulous week,


    • reneeliamrhys says:

      Thank you all for your comments and yes Tania this winter is cold. I also am looking for any sign of spring.
      I am impatiently anticipating a garden down the road where the owner has planted lots of Irises. In the mean time I look at the flowering Camelia bushes next door and down the road….love our new neighbourhood. It’s closer to rural:)

  3. Welcome to SEASONS, Alexa! Beautiful series of photos – a lovely post! Can’t quite figure out how your cacti blooms in winter (it does a number on my brain how you can have winter while all I want to eat are salads and ice cream!) But the white little flowers are so beautiful!

    Hope you’ll be back next week! (How did you find me, by the way?)

    • I found you from the sidebar of someone’s blog who liked your blog :). Don’t ask me who it was though as I’ve been reading a lot recently…something to do with the cold weather ;)

  4. Hello, lovely plants and flowers. Lovely images and post. Sorry, I am late visiting and commenting. I am still catching up after being away. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

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