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Sharing can be an outright gift
Sharing can also be to barter
What does barter mean
A little example garden-wise

Get free plants
Share with each other
A glut for one is a need for another
Thinning out of plants or vegetables or herbs
What to do with the excess besides throwing into bin

I need a parsley plant
You have parsley growing in abundance in the hedging
I have a glut of rocket seedlings taking over my veggie patch
You love rocket
You need to thin out the spinach
I need spinach
You say that when you have to thin them out you’ll pass some on

You get a box of fresh herbs and vegetable delivered
You chop the coriander roots off to put herbs in fridge
I suggest you grow some from those roots, so we share the bounty with a smile
I’ve recently learnt how to grow basil from tender snippets of cuttings and discover you are doing the same

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And on it goes without money changing hands, being resourceful, caring. Not being wasteful, practicing sustainable living without the big words.

This is but one tiny example of sharing. Life provides us with many avenues in which to share whether it be tangible or in support. Many times we do share, unknowingly.

Do you share?

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15 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. I love to share! My hubster and I are gradually learning to be more generous, with God’s help :-)

  2. It certainly feels good to share that’s for sure. Thanks for popping into my blog and leaving such lovely comments. You have picked beautiful images to share with some of your posts. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    • Hi Kathy …thanks for visiting by and your comments. With some of the photos I’ve used one could write a story just on that alone:)
      I love the one of a boy with his speaks lots of words x

  3. A comment put on my Alexa-asimplelife Facebook page by my son…
    ” Sustainable living without the big words …..I like how you put that :)

  4. This is lovely x I think it’s often what we unintentionally share with others that can sometimes mean the most.

    • So true Lauren…as in the little simple things. Thanks for visiting and commenting….you have some wicked recipes in your blog. The Mars bar slice makes my teeth ache just thinking about it …but then I’d eat it anyway with a coffee :)

  5. This reminded me of my grandmother dividing her iris up so that I could have some as a young married. Where I lived at the time, then had a long border with a profusion of iris. Later on when they grew, I in turn divided them up for neighbor friends! :) What a lovely post ! :)

  6. I love the idea of sharing among the community – actually something that we were work shopping tonight at my local environmental society. I love to share in all aspects of my life as the experiences you can get in return are always so valuable

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    • Hi Chantel, thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes in sharing like gifting we actually get more out of the deed than we realise. Besides the physical act we are giving with our emotions too and that is uplifting.
      Till next time

  7. Dear Alexa ♥ Sharing with one another is such a sweet blessing! ♥ Teri

    • Thanks for visiting Teri all the way from USA I think :) Sharing is like gifting …you give to yourself too. Look forward to seeing you again. Take care

  8. I don’t grow enough at the moment to share, but I definitely will when I have an abundance, and I have in the past. It’s such a blessing to share, plus no one wants to see the food go to waste.

  9. Mum, you are one of the most generous and caring people I know!

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