Sustainable Living….for me?

Sustainability ... What does it mean to you

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Sustainability …what does it mean for you and me.

What about …How to live a joyful and abundant life by observation, example and Attitude…or changing our Attitude!

So many different things to different people and depending on your circumstance.

Sustainability in suburbia, sustainable living in suburbs, sustainable living in the city, sustainable living in the country, apartment sustainable living, high-rise sustainable living, single person household sustainable living, rental sustainable living, sustainable living garden, sustainable living with communal garden. Endless list here.

I Googled to find the meaning and was met with a vast array of discussions. Then I found a site for children which made it so much easier for me

“Like a circle it goes round and all is reused” ….

Now this I can understand because in a way many of us already use this principle without even giving it a name.

An example could be that we are trying to make a recipe and don’t have all the ingredients, so instead we Google to see what substitute we can use. Easy, we do it all the time without thought. Then instead of going to the shop, or because we can’t spend any money on petrol to drive to shop and anyway our grocery budget is already shot and we can’t juggle the money any other way we use what we have. Stew those wrinkled apples that otherwise would go bad and into landfill and use that instead of oil in a muffin recipe. Find that recipe! Or make a Dairy free and egg free cake. Simple again.

Dairy free, egg free, sustainability

I’m sure you have done the same in some other way without even realising it!

Thinking back to my childhood I fondly recall mother doing so many of these things. It was not because it was fashionable or had a name or that everyone was discussing it on talk back Radio, but because it was a way of life for many people to survive by making do.

….toothpaste tube rolled up and squeezed and squeezed to get the last bits out but I really did want to start a new one …No!

….all the kitchen scraps were saved in the kitchen bin and then had to be emptied in the garden. Us girls put it off for as long as possible till not a scrap more of vegetable peelings could be squashed in ….mum was patient, but we still had to do it!

….clothes were remade -

Mum was given a woollen skirt which was showing some wear in the weave. So she washed it and then unpicked and pressed it. No steam irons then. Just a damp cloth and hot iron. Every piece was reused. So by turning the material inside out there was a new looking skirt which lasted for many long years and looked classy.

When I was asked to be Flower-girl (now called junior bridesmaid) mum was given a pale pink cotton dress from neighbouring ladies. This also she took apart and remade into a pretty dress for me.

Inspirations for us today….for us to pass on to the next generation and live joyful content lives. Teaching by example and our attitude.

So now as a grandmother just doing a little looking back to my mother’s days I am so thankful for the many things I have learnt and have been able to implement into my own and my family’s life. It’s just the simple observations of the everyday life that can unconsciously work its way into our routines.

Who visits the Op shop or also called Thrift store? Isn’t that part of sustainable living. What one person has decluttered is something that is useful for you….and vice versa, don’t you put things in the Op bins or take to the thrift store? I found a new looking beautiful fine knit red woollen dress that is hand washable. Great again cause it doesn’t need to be Dry cleaned and especially, saves me money.

Sustainability, re-use, re-purpose, repair

…sew that button on, redo that hem, fix that tiny undone seam, put funky patches on little trousers worn at the knee, fix worn bottom of trousers….and if we don’t know how to just ask someone for a helping hand or Google ” How to…” , there are myriad sites which will give you info. Just be willing to learn. Slowly.

I am sure that if we stopped and thought about it, we would find there are many ways in which we ARE living richly by reusing or making things go around…and that also includes how we deal with or treat each other.

Sustainability, repair, re-do, how to, respect

Busy little cousin fun, “How to…”

So have a great day all and remember it’s in the little things that changes can happen.

Alexa x

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Also came across a tiny kernel of an idea for this article whilst having stumbled upon an article on microfiber cloths in a Blog called Sustainable suburbia….

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4 thoughts on “Sustainable Living….for me?

  1. Great ideas. I’ve simply been trying to consume less and less. It’s kind of a challenge now, one I try to beat each week. I shop less for groceries, cancelled many magazine subscriptions, use clothes I’ve neglected for quite some time. And I use varied craft remnants for activities with my grandsons. (Of course, much of all that behavior is out of necessity, considering the economic mess of the past few years.) :-D

    That photo of the cousins is adorable.

    Thank you for visiting Grandma’s Briefs yesterday. Such a pleasure to connect!


    • Yes a lot of us are doing it out of necessity. I think the trick is as you said, to make it a challenge and to think outside the square. Usually the old fashioned ways were done for a reason. We can still have a fabulous celebration meal simply by having it at home and cooking up then presenting at the lovingly set out table. We just have to think differently and treat it as an adventure…I do also know that some are doing it really tough and that hurts.
      Thanks for your kind comments. I’ll be back visiting your site.
      Take care.
      Ps…magazine subscriptions are nice but there’s lots to read on the internet these days which really helps and fills that gap.

  2. I love this post Alexa. I have only just discovered your blog and love your philosophy. Sustainability is something I strive for and it can be done baby steps at a time…like me, part time. :)

    • Thank you “flood proof mum” for visiting. I’ve read some of your posts and love them. As you say, part time is ok too. Do what you can and enjoy the process and no big deal if it doesn’t work, you’ve tried it and that’s all that matters. But always see that tiny bit of good and joy….to do so we need to slow down and appreciate what is around us.
      I love your journey, except for the floods!
      All the best Alexa

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