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Autumn makes for memories

Autumn makes for memories, beach, sand, ocean, holidays, children , laughter, family

Memories flitting through my brain as I do my pile of ironing this beautiful autumn morning, like moving grains of sand on a beach. There one moment then gone. Like life, fleeting.

Little boy’s words….in tunnel driving to airport with two and a half year old little boy in back seat saying over and over



Ah Hahhh!

…..There were green arrows on the roof of the tunnel pointing up ( it seemed) showing all lanes open

Daddy cutting grass…Little boy….”lowing mawn” and putting his ear “muffins” on…Ear muffs for the noise.

Me, Grandma, pointing out a huge crane on a building site as we drove to airport ,
Little boy stating……WOW…
Grandpa do, Grandpa do…
He was stretching out his arms showing how BIG the crane was. Only problem being, grandpa was driving and couldn’t stretch out his arms wide.

Little boy not wanting an afternoon nap, kept wandering out with lots of excuses, last one being as he carried out a big book open wide …”story?”

Memories, of a now adult oldest daughter, when about 6 years old saying to me with my red dress on…mummy you look like a princess….priceless …love you too.

Chatting by phone to the same daughter today. She asked her little boy if he wanted to speak to Grandma…NO….he wanted to come and SEE Grandma. Cute boy!… I think I’m allowed to be a little bit biased though:)

Years ago my husband helping a friend carry an old Auntie in a fireman’s lift ….crossed arms and hands clasped on wrists down flights of stairs in flats in Germany to get her to car.

Little cousins and friends who are now adults, playing, running and sliding down monstrous sand hills near Robe S.A. and getting caught in a wind sand storm…older cousins helping younger cousins escape. Clothes full of sand.

Running home from school in Germany as a little 6 year old because I was so scared of the rumbling line of tanks on a local cobbled street in Lampertheim Germany. They were the American occupying forces on a manoeuvre and seemed monstrous to a little shy girl.

How memories flit through our brain, random and without order, rhyme or reason…but yes , there quite often is a reason or triggers. Yesterday glancing through an old diary of my mother’s going back more than 20 years make for memories.

9th of May , and a spring day in Germany still very cold but wanting to wear a white with little green patterns summer dress . It had ties at the shoulders and came with a red puffed sleeve blouse. My mother had made it for my 6th birthday.

Looking with soft heart at a photograph of my mother’s house where she spent teenage years. My mother had described it in words but this was my first actual pictorial view.

Autumn makes for memories, childhood memories, Germany

Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany

Being told of the exciting news of a first grandchild to be.

Holding with awe our first grandchild, and another and another. Six precious beings from teens to babes.

Enjoy and savour the beauty of this day or find something to hold onto that creates a thought of peacefulness.

of sand, summer, peace, family, ocean, beach,Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany

As the Flower of the field, it toils not nor spins…

Contents and photos by Alexa.
Till later…

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