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Message in a Leaf

Leaf, play, sense of adventure, simple living, #considerthelilly, #momentintime

On the first day of August
Which now seems light years away

It being the last month of official Winter in Australia.

I was wishfully speeding the approaching Spring on
to valiantly burst out of Winter’s very tight coat

Leaf, play, sense of adventure, simple living, #considerthelilly, #momentintime

Apple blossom finally bursting from its tight winter coat now in October

adventure, simple living, #considerthelilly, #momentintime, apple blossom


I took a stroll with one of the grandsons
A quick walk before the early winter darkness encroached
Because little boys need to wind down for sleep soon

adventure, simple living, #considerthelilly, #momentintime, apple blossom, sleep time, how to prepare children for sleep

Hand in hand for a run up the winding path to our little park

Quickly a swing, a slide and another swing

See the street lights are flickering on
Time to run back

But wait, what a find

Usually all finds end up in little hands

Look at this leaf

adventure, simple living, #considerthelilly, #momentintime, apple blossom, sleep time, how to prepare children for sleep, winter colour

It is mine

I carefully hold it by the stalk
and selfishly do not give it to my little companion

It is mine

Much too precious to share
Brim full of the essence of life

#momentintime, apple blossom, sleep time, how to prepare children for sleep, winter colour

Then that very night
Photographed under mean kitchen lights
A fluke of a picture

#momentintime, apple blossom, sleep time, how to prepare children for sleep, winter colour, rivers of life

The rivers of life
Days and nights of weather encapsulated in one single leaf
Alone on the path


“I study the leaf veins
they are little streams of life
yearning for the sun
static trees stand sentinel
watching our brief lives go by ” A Poem by Andy Brookes

I sit here now enjoying the afternoon sunshine after this mornings grey gloominess.

The Simple Life.
So easy to find.

May your week be Blessed

#messageinaleaf #momentintime #whatdoyousee #considerthelilly

Glamping … A new camping

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Autumn makes for memories

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Thankful for these days

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Wanting won’t get you there

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Fun times and teach the children

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Imagine this

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Family fun the simple way

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