Thankful for these days

Thankful for these things, red roses, cheaper from Aldi

5 Random Things I am thankful for this day

1..Summer Fun and memories
2..Cool days a coming
3..New lavender buds-love them
4..Comfort food for a cool morning
5..Observations from being with little boys

1..Thankful for the lovely family and friend times we shared outdoors during our summer here in Australia. Summer fun, Beach fun, picnic times, impromptu cricket games in the true Australian fashion when all that was available was a tennis ball and bats. Camp chair and Esky/chilly bins were pressed into service as stumps. Fun had by all…

Thankful for these things, summer fun, cricket, children , games

Summer time is also our wedding anniversary so am thankful for the lovely time and meal we shared a La restaurant@home and a fabulous bunch of red roses from Aldi for $5. So love them.

Thankful for these things, eating out at home, home cooking

Eating out at home in pleasant atmosphere

2..On to today and Oh so sad…today being the last day of Summer and the sky is definitely NOT showing summer weather. It’s grey and miserable with constant drizzle. Cool enough for me to search out my sheepskin scuff slippers this morning instead of bare feet. Thankful for warm feet.

Thankful for these these, ugg boots, woollen slippers, scuffs

Cold weather approaching and summer has passed

An upside of overcast weather is that photographs come out much better because the sun is not leaching out colour. I just use my iPad for convenience

3..Lots of buds happening in my garden on my Lavender hedge which I grew completely from my own rooted cuttings with a huge dose of patience. Happy days cause I love Lavender.

Random thoughts

4..Cool weather this morning made for wanting a warmer breakfast but not as heavy as porridge. So out comes the trusty Couscous. A very easy and quick meal with only the breakfast bowl to wash up….cook according to directions on pack. I used the microwave. Towards the end add a few sultanas. Allow to stand for a while. I also add a drizzle of olive oil when cooking. I make sure there’s a bit of liquid left once couscous is cooked or else add some more then stir in a bit of milk powder and a drizzle of Maple Syrup. Breakfast done and nice warm stomach…thankful..(I think making it with quinoa would also work and be somewhat healthier, but more expensive.)

Thankful for these things, couscous, breakfast . Warm breakfast

5..Observed one little boy on Wednesday…daddy snoozing on lounge chair after a long day at work. B going up to daddy with…Tickle Tickle…not much response…sometime later B climbs up and crawls under daddy’s arm, daddy cuddles him and continues napping…B rubs his fingers on daddy’s arm for a while, lies there for a while and slithers out again down the side of the chair…like a little puppy. It was so cute but because I was cooking I couldn’t take a photo and just observed. Too sweet and precious daddy time x

Observation about B’s little cousin on Tuesday during showering time. I put a bit of shampoo on H head and then proceeded to wash and rinse shampoo off….little voice piping up “awww grandmaaa” every time I put a container of water on his head…I was spoiling his fun playing with his toys…awww grandmaaa

Thankful for these things, chalkboard fun,

Drawing of a field of flowers with colourful “blooms”

Grandchildren are SO precious and take our mind away from the cares of the everyday. Indeed thankful for blessings.

What are you thankful for on this day? Count them and you’ll be surprised.

So another week ends. Blessings

By Alexa
Photos belong to me too

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2 thoughts on “Thankful for these days

  1. Alexa I couldn’t agree with you more…my grandchildren are the joy of my life!

  2. Thank you Tracy for visiting and your comment…as we all agree, our grandchildren are very very precious….I’d like to comment and mention that I really like your blog header, especially the birds on the bare tree branches. It reminds me that I must get my header set up. It is still in original setup mode. Hope to “see ” you around again sometime. Have a wonderful weekend….now I must be off to I bed ready for a treat in taking the older grandchildren out for part of the day for morning /lunch. Last day of Saturday freedom for a while for them because their “winter” sports start next weekend.
    Alexa from Australia

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