Time for soup

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Why soup is good for the soul…

On being absent for some time…others needed me

Just lurking in Blogdom
Being inspired and occasionally commenting
Being refreshed

So back to my original comment on soup. But why soup?
Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have our winter. Colder in some parts of Australia than others.

Well winter is here in this household, along with myriad mounds of discarded tissues filling the bins, sounds of coughing and a pyjama and dressing gown day. Great to be able to have these without having to bring in a sick certificate.

Time to let the body take care of itself with a smile.

What better day than to serve soup for testy appetites with a smile.

There was enough for one serve of chicken broth and vegetable soup left in the fridge from yesterday but not enough for two.
So my aim was to make it stretch for both of us with minimal effort.
The bunch of celery was still sitting on my bench in its cellophane from yesterday’s catch up vegetable shopping as was a large bag of the freshest young carrots.
I snapped a couple of pieces of the top celery leaf stalks off and chopped them.
Grated some carrot.
Microwaved them briefly with the addition of a little bit of the left over refrigerated soup..carrots first as they take longer and adding the celery bits at the end.
Added to soup
Added water to quantity required…for us that was one and a half cups
Add some stock powder as per instructions
Chopped and threw in a little of some cooked chicken gotten at bargain price yesterday
Added some of the cooked Spetzler I had in fridge
Also added some Roux which I had a small portion of to thicken soup
Cooked in microwave and stirred

Voila! Easy and nutritious.

Soup for the sick
Soup for the soul
Chicken soup for the soul

Take care and eat soup :)
… And imagine a beautiful place

the soul, soup for the soul. Chicken soup for the soul, easy chicken soup , how to extend left overs, beautiful images, lavender a healing herb,  lavender hedge

6 thoughts on “Time for soup

  1. The lavender is beautiful and the soup sounds interesting. I have mixed 3 different left over soups together to make them go further. Tasted fine.

    • Thanks for visiting. I’ve just been back at your blog and found those diaries interesting.
      Yes, soup is great stuff and is mainly what we’ve had this week as winter colds strike…ho hum

  2. Soup for the soul….I love this… it’s a perfect day for soup, lovely to meet you Alexa x

    • Thanks for coming by Sarah. It has indeed been a WEEK for soup with winter colds and ills abounding here at home. Glorious soup …a pot – a meal in one go and bulk too :)

  3. I love soup in Winter. So do my kids which is great because it’s another way of getting veggies into them!

  4. I know it’s Summer here but I relish a bowl of warming home made soup in winter ! Hope those colds and shivers get the heave ho soon :-)

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