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Dairy and Egg free …No Eggs…no worries.

Dairy and egg free, chocolate cake

Dairy and egg intolerant.

Stuck for dessert recipe…or simply

Run out of eggs

Want to save money

Run out of shopping money

Well, I have a recipe I’ve used and adapted for our taste.

My writing this post comes about because of a comment a friend made having run out of eggs in the middle of a big baking storm….and I think that’s exactly the reason why I initially found this recipe. There are so many variations out on the web, some using Lemon juice others using vinegar. I chose the vinegar option as there is always some vinegar in a home!


This is an all in one bowl cake. Easy, no creaming, no eggs, no milk. A rich tasting cake with a scrumptious mud cake texture.

Dairy free no egg, one bowl cooking

Photo courtesy pippalou @ morgueFile free photos

1 and half cups Plain Flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 to one and a half teaspoons Vanilla essence- I use pure like Queens brand
1 Tablespoon white vinegar
6 Tablespoons oil – I use light Olive oil
1 teaspoon Baking Soda (Bi-Carb)

Heat oven to 180C less for Fan forced. Oil 20cm tin or and line tin with Baking Paper. As I use a round silicon tin I also add Baking paper to base, oiled.

Put flour, sugar and water into bowl. Add Vanilla, vinegar, oil and Baking Powder. Mix with beaters till smooth. The mixture will be runny. Pour into tin. Bake 35-40 minutes or until inserted skewer come out clean. I have found mine takes longer to cook being in the silicon cake tin.

Cool for 10 minutes and take out of tin. When cold ice with your favourite icing. I make orange icing using icing sugar, dab of butter, bit of powdered milk, squeezed orange juice and some of the grated zest. If you want plain vanilla butter icing omit orange and add more butter and milk powder with the tiniest drip of vanilla if you wish.

Or serve plain dusted with icing sugar….lots of choices for any palate.

Being done in a round tin (mine is 22cm) the cake when cut looks like the large pieces of the gourmet cakes at coffee shops that we drool over, but at a fraction of the cost.

Also when you take your cake to an event you can say that people with certain allergies ie, dairy and egg can readily enjoy.

Dairy and egg free , cocoa

Photo courtesy earl53

Dairy and egg free,

There is scope for lots of variations on this cake the main and most favoured being CHOCOLATE…mmmm…add 3 Tablespoons and up the sugar a bit. Once cooled cut cake in half so you have two rounds. Spread base with red jam then add beaten/whipped cream. Gently replace top circle of cake. The cake can be left plain with its jam and cream filling or have lots of chocolate icing on top and you are set…..or you can put cream on top and grate some chocolate as we did to a trifle when we had family together over the holidays. Grand children’s hands trying to catch the stray gratings of chocolate. Depends how decadent you want the cake to be. Place in fridge. Again lots of compliments….and wouldn’t it go as a fabulous dessert with these chocolate hearts and freshly brewed coffee if you are looking for Valentine’s day ideas.

Dairy and egg free, chocolate cake recipe, valentine's

Need a bigger cake to feed a group, then double the quantity, use larger tin and bake longer, checking with skewer!

Enjoy….invite some friends round for morning tea instead of going out for coffee and save everyone a bundle. Your friends will thank you for thinking of this.

….but my most favourite chocolate cake is a microwaved cake recipe I have which includes eggs but I use Orgran Egg Replacer. The ultimate Black Forest Cake for pennies.

So some letters on a screen…printed words….
One recipe but many variations,
Quantities for a few or a crowd,
saving money ideas,
about food allergies,
Substituting ingredients,
Everyday happenings snippets
Brilliant colours
And of course food…
…and what say you dear readers?

With that, for now I’ll leave you drooling over cake whilst I go and prepare our evening meal.

By for now

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