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Courtesy pippalou @morgueFile free photos

A moment in time

Fleeting sight through the dappled shade of stately trees

A man walking
Red setter dogs on long leash in one hand
Long Whipper snipper brush cutter in the other hand

I could have imagined it were a laird on his croft
Or a master of his estate
Tramping his lands

Minutes later I heard and saw this same man about his gardening and handyman duties at an Assisted Living residence.

It is so still here beyond these old stones. Just a narrow entrance which is so easily driven past and missed. Yet looking through the wire fence of the tennis court parking lot and beyond the bushes, Sydney city traffic flows.

Safety glasses on and a big shady sun hat.
His brush cutter roaring, seemingly at odds in this setting.
Dogs safely tethered out of sight near the gates at a distance, no doubt enjoying their moment of bliss. Snapping at and devouring the shifting gusts of wind.

dairy free cake, Pause button, refreshment for the soul, Time for yourself, meditation , reflection,

Courtesy pippalou@morgueFile free photos

Have you ever just paused on an ordinary day and observed what is happening around you. Really taken in the moment?

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Courtesy terryballard@morgueFile free photos

One brief moment in time.
The “pause button”
A brief escape to another time and another place

Refreshment for the soul on a Tuesday

Now what do I need to do in this my home.
Well there is a cake I could bake
There is another shrub to plant to complete the hedging
There are weeds to pull
Fertilizer of the Cow Manure variety to be sprinkled and watered in
Cane mulch to be spread around the shrubs
Tis a very messy and itchy job even with a face mask on
Some carpets and stairs to be vacuumed …

dairy free cake, Pause button, refreshment for the soul, Lilli Pilli hedge, sugar cane mulch
All the above done except for the cake. I can always eat a muesli bar! :)
Muscles creaking from an overload of bending….you know how it is when you start with one thing and it just snowballs.

But such a great feeling on a Wednesday night walking into a clean house. It makes the creaky-ness worth it.

Even more so for next time with cake

Care Alert for peace of mind

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