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Farewell to Autumn

Grow Dwarf Nandina  Bamboo

31 May, Autumn 2017, Australia.

The sun is shining its last golden rays.
Beams angling through the neighbouring trees.

Ripening Lemon crop illuminated on escaping skywards tree.

Our neighbour is ageing and not permitted to climb ladders anymore so the tree grows and grows. Certainly careful consideration needs to be undertaken as we age when gardening.

We don’t bounce like a child anymore.

Instead we creak a little or a lot.

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Lemon fresh from the farm

The distant mountain range with its accentuated high points…Mount this and Mount that- I can never remember their names! I just know that they are part of the Blue Mountains and my eyes are constantly drawn to them.

So defined, clear and blue today in the cold crisp breeze.

Not Winter cold yet though.


I am sitting in our Sunroom with large windows which in these cooler months is beautifully warm and light….only in the afternoon though when the sun shines. Then we open the connecting door and let the heat warm the Family room too.
The reverse in Summer though. Pleasant in the morning but once the sun peeks in there we close the door.


How swiftly darkness has descended.
As I type by the light of my iPad I can feel the chill starting to creep through my jumper…time to leave this magic room and close the door into the house and turn the gas heater on low.

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Winter is on its way

Walking past the Grandchildrens play area I ready the house for days closing. I peek out the windows for one last glance and see the twinkling lights on everywhere in the distance. All the way up the hill and moving as cars wend their way home in the darkness.


It is mesmerising watching the sky changing as it prepares for night….colour, brightness, dazzling touches, brilliance….
Then plainness as the light show disappears and is gone abruptly.

Ocean Sunsets, Largs Bay beach

Sunset over Largs Bay , South Australia

Gone from here but preparing to rise soon somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere

Sunset and Moon rise, end of Autumn, last of the roses, Autumn roses

Sunset and Moon rise

Fun times when grandchildren sleep over

Is it morning yet!


The heater’s warmth has created a light beautiful Rose perfume. Some end of season roses stolen from my garden.
It was a hard choice. Leave the roses on the languishing bushes for a bit of colour or bring them into the kitchen to enjoy!

Farewell to Autumn, Monet Rose garden! oil painting, evening sky, sunset, the Heavens declare the glory of The Lord, Sunrise sunset, winter is coming, Autumn roses, scent of roses, the last roses

My Roses last lingering scented gift of colour

Whilst I sit here in comfort I know my man is sitting out the peak hour traffic somewhere till it thins out and he will wend his own way home.


Are there not many blessings and comforts in life?

I rang my dear mother in another State to keep her company over her evening meal.

Taking a moment with the elderly, remembering mother

As we chatted about the nice warm heaters and warming blankets over her oil heater for the coming nights rest she commented how blessed we are…down the road there is probably a person saying “oh how cold it is, and how can I keep warm”

Everything is at our fingertips.
So easy.

May we never forget our blessings.

Farewell to Autumn, evening sky, sunset, the Heavens declare the glory of The Lord, Sunrise sunset, winter is coming, Autumn roses, scent of roses, the last rose, is it morning yet? , organic lemons, grow your own lemon tree, miniature Nandina bamboo, glory vine colours, aged earthenware pot, Autumn colour, Autumn leaves in Wagga Wagga

Autumn leaves in Wagga Wagga N.S.W.



Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth


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