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Clever Laundry Make – Over

Clever Laundry Make - Over, revamp a laundry on the cheap

The beginning…

Recently I came across a link for a dream laundry.
It isn’t posh, instead, it is quite simple and streamlined.

Something to spur me on with our laundry.

In the beginning…

Out with the dead chest freezer languishing in the Laundry

Hooray we have a council Clean up…quick, what else can we find to fill that precious 3Mx1Mx1M area!

Our spacious laundry had multiple shelving in various sizes and randomly attached to the walls with Ramjet hooks by the previous owners.

Doing some Google research I thought I knew it all to remove those metal thingit studs. Finding instead that they create an ugly big mangled hole in the wall!

So a halt in the proceedings until one of our friends who is a great handyman can remove all those painful pieces of metal and plaster them up for us.

Clever Laundry Make - Over, revamp a laundry on the cheap

A collection of shelves

Clever Laundry Make - Over, revamp a laundry on the cheap

Most of the shelves removed

Clever Laundry Make - Over, revamp a laundry on the cheap

Look closely and find the mangled hole in the plasterboard above the PowerPoint

Clever Laundry Make - Over, revamp a laundry on the cheap

Needs replacing. We need a small shelf and then hooks below it

Then we can paint and refresh this great utility space.

So….watch this space for our budget clean up.


Our need for water

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Farmer gets a wife

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Message in a Leaf

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Spring is in the Air

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More than skin deep

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A Kind of Instant

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Easy Soup for a windy day

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