A Journey

Abseiling Rock face

Abseiling Rock face

“A climber anchoring his stanchions deeply into a secure crevasse knowing his life depends on that one point. As he struggles to climb an overhanging ledge he pins his hopes
on that last anchor point. He knows he will only fall as far as that last secure point.”

Even scripture gives this lesson in Hebrews ch6 v19…”as an anchor for the soul, sure and steadfast”

Thanks to Tim for the above thoughts given at the beginning of his motivational talk/lesson this Sunday morning and the inspiration for me to continue expanding…..

So on his journey upwards and across that cliff face he will need to be absolutely vigilant that he hammers those stanchions deep into solid rock as his life depends on them.

The journey started with much preparation of mind, equipment and knowledge of safety requirements. To come out at the end of this adventure (not for the faint hearted) weary but invigorated and safe.

The terrain might start out fairly easy but as it continues becomes more and more challenging. With each step come new observations to act upon. Gentle stroll down to the depths of a canyon and back again, keeping in mind that the reserves of energy are there to complete the planned journey.




Into the depths

Into the depths

Life is a journey of many steps and stages and whether long or short, we all fall like a little toddler at times, but in the end it’s the getting up and trying again that counts.

Have an anchor to hold you through the rough time; be it our hope, a friend, sibling or partner. Hold on, but also reach out a hand to help the stumbling because we all will have a need at some time.



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  1. So true, Alexa! Ours was on a similar vein yesterday, based on the Sermon on the Mount and the wise and foolish men … building our ‘house’ on the solid rock foundation … xo

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