Bulk meat loaf

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Just prepared a super quick meat loaf which I guess can be classed as bulk cooking.

Remove from fridge mince meat. Had a 2kg bulk pack which I wanted to use in one go.

A quick think and chose Rissoles and a meat loaf. There being only two of us at home this will go a long way once it’s been divided up into portions for the freezer to be used in a variety of ways. Cold, hot, different sauces, as a burger…as endless as you inspiration!

All these are cooked in the oven.

In large bowl place mince, dried oregano, garlic powder, onion powder approx half teaspoon each…or fresh chopped. Pepper…Plus I used also a generous shake of Lemon pepper as I have an array of herbs bought bulk from spice shop.. ..one egg but can do without it. I used a stale heel of bread soaked in bit of water and squeezed out. I have at other times soaked 3 weetbix per 1kg mince, of a handful of rolled oats soaked slightly. Oats will make the meal a bit more sustaining. Grate 2 carrots coarsely, plus generous squirts of BBQ or tomato sauce.

Put on disposable gloves and give a good mix turning bottom to top making sure all is combined.

Place half quantity in square baking paper lined cake tin. Pat down smoothly.
Other half in foil lined Lamington tin. Pat down smoothly and with a metal egg slide press down with its sharp edge and cut into square rissoles.

Cover both with foil and place into oven approx 180C. Approx. 50min. Remove foil at about 20 min from end to crunch up.

Depending on the type of mince used you will need to drain off accumulated fat.

As with all cooking please add spices more or less to suit your taste and please check cooking at intervals as all ovens vary.

Two types of meals in one go. Hooray , and hardly any washing up.

Mine is cooking now for dinner….mmmmm

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Just a quick read mini post for you dear readers. Make some for tomorrow?

Anyone for meat loaf, rissoles or little muffin meat loaves? Add sauce on top before serving or add a bit of scrumptious rich gravy. Serve with a bit of rice and lots of salad plus beet root for us here in Australia where it’s still summer.

Till later

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