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# World Environment Day …at home

#world environment home, grow your own cuttings, mushroom compost, grow mushrooms at home, grow mushrooms from mushroom compost, garden with children, show children how to grow plants, simple living like grandma , rhubarb plant, grow rhubarb, how to cook rhubarb, rhubarb with yoghurt and LSA, teach children how to garden, joy of gardening World environment day which was some days ago… …well Life and Caring happened in between, but Hi, I’m back How am I doing world environment day … every day How do I see it … every day In simple language, in a grandma, mum and dad and family way Grow plants from cuttings to spread […] Continue reading →

Homesteading, Gardening and Family

Homesteading, gardening and family, International World Permaculture Day, sharing, What is simple living, simple living with children, story time with children, simple living , rain, nature walk in your garden, nature walk, open your eyes, chickens, hens, homesteading, gardening with children Permaculture is such a big fancy word… A continuation of the previous post on Permaculture but let’s turn it into an everyday word that everyone can understand…Family friendly It is a way of bringing together people with whatever bit of earth or space that you can work with and on. It can be as small […] Continue reading →


Sharing, cherish, grandmother, baby Sharing can be an outright gift Sharing can also be to barter What does barter mean A little example garden-wise Get free plants Share with each other A glut for one is a need for another Thinning out of plants or vegetables or herbs What to do with the excess besides throwing into bin I […] Continue reading →

Earth Week

Earth Week, kid friendly activities, frugal family fun, children, earth week activities, nature and children, sustainable living


Forgot that it was Earth Week until I saw it on Facebook…so I am quickly sneaking in before the week is up.

I did my bit by planting lawn runners on a bare patch in the front lawn where previously was a bush garden that had aged too much….

I didn’t have lawn seed nor instant lawn in a roll so used what I had.

By pulling up bits of my lawn from the edges I planted them in sort of rows using an old-fashioned method.

…I’ll just have to be patient and wait as they start growing, spreading and intermeshing.

Time is what I have plenty of

Earth Week, kid friendly activities, frugal family fun, children, earth week activities, nature and children, sustainable living, growing lawn from grass runners

…now if only this link would link….Mike??

World Health Day

tropical diseases, health, bee hives, World health day, W.H.O., vector diseases, bees, bee hive, ecology, herb garden, fruits, bee loving plants, planting for bees, WHO…World Heath Organisation A bit of trivia information for you today… Google was my friend today taking me to Wikipedia, every man’s fount of knowledge and easy to understand. There I just learnt that on April 7 every year W.H.O. celebrates “world health day”. This commenced in 1950 being the year before I was born….and […] Continue reading →

Just a simple day

Just a simple day, simple life, simple living, Life style, Lifestyle, time to wonder, garden chores autumn garden chores, meditate, meditation, yellow, cassia, Autumn rains, mulch “A simple day today with the three elements which we at times take for granted in our busy days….so today we simply pause, breathe, wonder, and absorb…” I wrote and posted this in April and had cause to re read my thoughts after seeing a visitor in the Stats to my blog from Russia today […] Continue reading →


Declutter, down size, decluttering home, declutter mind, sort , minimise, prepare garden, Autumn garden,clean house, Declutter… Releasing the old to make way for new …to renew …to refresh Declutter is a word for this modern word. Why? We have so much We are so busy, We are too busy to deal with it We want more, always more Never satisfied with the today We want tomorrow and more tomorrow Instead […] Continue reading →


Eucalyptus , anti-bacterial, deodorise , deodorize, kills germs , room freshener, bed freshener, shoe deodorizer, eucalyptus trees, eucalyptus oil, essential oil. Essential oils, Blogging on Friday Eucalyptus …a simple word Australian bush scents But oh so many uses… A refreshing scent… What ever the brand…be it Bosisto’s, or Double”D” or the Aldi brand or a Bunnings brand That’s how this post came about! I’m pottering round downstairs with all the doors wide open for it is a beautiful […] Continue reading →