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Why is it raining today…

Why is it raining, refreshing, washing, water, rain, save water, rain drops, Basil, Nasturtium, vegetable garden, herbs, fresh herbs, bees, pollination , herb garden, It’s raining sort of… Drizzling Grey skies Soggy washing on the line Wet washing languishing in basket Dew drop beads of rain on washing line Don’t accidentally knock the line, or Big cold drops on your head But…. Green grass Mowed lawns No more drooping plants Now vibrant and crisp herbs appeased Weeds a-growing abundantly […] Continue reading →

Thankful for these days

Thankful for these things, red roses, cheaper from Aldi 5 Random Things I am thankful for this day 1..Summer Fun and memories 2..Cool days a coming 3..New lavender buds-love them 4..Comfort food for a cool morning 5..Observations from being with little boys 1..Thankful for the lovely family and friend times we shared outdoors during our summer here in Australia. Summer fun, Beach fun, picnic […] Continue reading →

Sustainable Living….for me?

Sustainability ... What does it mean to you Sustainability …what does it mean for you and me. What about …How to live a joyful and abundant life by observation, example and Attitude…or changing our Attitude! So many different things to different people and depending on your circumstance. Sustainability in suburbia, sustainable living in suburbs, sustainable living in the city, sustainable living in the […] Continue reading →

Easy Yoghurt

Easy yoghurt, EasiYo yoghurt EasiYo yoghurt made the cheats way. Instead of using the whole pack use the method below and store the rest of packet in sealed container in fridge ready for the next batches. You are able to do this because approx 99% of packet is dried milk powder anyway and you only need a bit of […] Continue reading →

Bulk meat loaf

Bulk meat loaf, easy cooking, bulk cooking, frugal cooking, Just prepared a super quick meat loaf which I guess can be classed as bulk cooking. Remove from fridge mince meat. Had a 2kg bulk pack which I wanted to use in one go. A quick think and chose Rissoles and a meat loaf. There being only two of us at home this will go […] Continue reading →

Wanting won’t get you there

Wanting won't get you there, study, nook, writing corner, inspiration “Want” So easy to say and yet so hard to get there. Sitting at my desk, one of my inspiration corners. …behind the story. I went for a walk yesterday to give out some leaflets in mail boxes in a suburb some distance away. Being a hot day I dreaded it but got on with […] Continue reading →