#Making do, when things go wrong

#Making do when things go wrong, morning tea, picnic, children play

Today was to be a little family picnic with little boys, their mums and me the grandma.
Firstly swimming lessons then a quick change out of wet swimmers for more rough and tumble clothes
Morning tea was going to be inhaled by hungry little ones
Then off to run and climb and yell and jump
At the beautiful Mt Annan Botanical gardens
Coffee hot and aromatic sipped by the lady folk
A sweet treat savoured with the coffee
Chatter had and ideas swapped as we watch those little ones use up all their pent up energy….hopefully so that they have an afternoon nap…a blessing for mum


Little one sick…get well soon x
So we DREAM of having a picnic and coffee catch up

#Making do when things go wrong, morning tea, picnic, children play, coffee with friends, picnic at home

There’s always next week
Isn’t there?

What did you, or wish for today?

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15 thoughts on “#Making do, when things go wrong

  1. Did a large grocery shop instead, much needed!! Xx

  2. Hopefully there were still naps! :)

    • Yes the little sick boy got his nap…mum did a drive around for a while and then transferred him to bed. Good results and happy family; as happy as a coughing boy can be! Thanks for coming by and visiting and caring :)

  3. Oh that’s always the way isn’t it?
    What are your little desserts? They look delicious.

    • Hi Jess sickness comes and it goes. Little one seems to be better so here’s hoping his little brother doesn’t succumb or at least not too badly. Those little cakes were leftovers someone brought for a lunch get together . They are a Sarah Lee product by the slab box size called I think Bites…very appropriate as it’s a mouthful of carrot cake. The presentation makes them look extra special :)

  4. Yes sick kids always put a damper on things! It will make next week’s visit even more special for you :)

  5. I hate it when my plans go awry and I will admit to sulking when it happens :) But sick kids are something that can’t be planned and you just need to roll with it! How divine are those cupcakes???!!!!!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    • Thank you for visiting Chantel. Sickness does put a damper on things but we learn to ride it out don’t we….and then all the more enjoy a moment of fun or catch up times . Hope you are blessed with not too much sickness. Sending smiles on this blue sky sort of day here in Sydney and making the most of it :)

    • Yes indeed , you can only go with the flow Chantel….and yes those little cakes were nice from another time:) . They make a nice photo looking so delectable! Take care.

  6. Ah, what a shame …hope it passes quickly so that you all can enjoy that lovely outing next week! :)

  7. Seems like it’s a real week for plans to be put aside for everyone isn’t it? Hope that everything works out for you in the end, and the tea, and sweeties is devoured and delicious.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts.


    • Thanks Jen … I do love this blog name…images of boys, little and big. Boots are the best especially by the back door and quick for a foray outside :)
      All the best in your continued journey also with your other blog and life happenings.

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