Country Fun

Country fun, country life, children, school holidays, dogs,family fun

Courtesy Jusben@morgueFile free photo

Happenings whilst trying to have a conversation when little children are part of the picture

Conversation on the phone with a mother …
Chatting about every day happenings
Hearing little boy playing in the background
Oh you’ve finished, that’s good says mum to boy
We continue chatting
Little voice pipes up, Quick quick
Mum saying, good boy, quick into the bathroom!

Little boy wanting to talk to grandma
I chat to him, he remembers things we did on holidays…”yes”

He tells me about some dogs coming into back yard
I know a lot of head nodding is part of the conversation
Bye grandma and a kiss is blown

Me back to chatting with the mother
Little voice wanting to chat again and tell grandma his finger is sore
Pointy finger held up I’m told by mother

More about the dogs in the yard told me by the mummy
The neighbours two young boys sitting in a toy electric jeep car found and salvaged by them from the annual council clean up.
Add a lot of yipping and yapping
One small dog and a larger strong dog
A struggle as they try to hold dogs

The picture…
Arms, legs and paws going every which way as they try to “drive” to their house next door

And one delighted and wide eyed little boy watching it all

Joys of a semi rural last day of holidays….for Rachel

…and lessons from a little boy to grandma to be patient and let him explain himself x

Country fun, Black hen, Red Barn door, country fun, country life, children, school holidays, dogs,family fun

Photo Courtesy revwarheart@morgueFilefreephotos

4 thoughts on “Country Fun

  1. Still chuckling ….. Xxx. Thank you

  2. Dear Alexa ♥ I am not sure how I found your “little space” but find it heartwarming! We have a son who is now grown and has been for many years and oh how I remember the joys of those days gone by. Such sweet memories. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

    • Again, hi Teri. Thanks for coming by whichever road to came by…whether the high road or the low. It’s lovely to hear from you. Yes children create wonderful memories and then they are renewed again with grandchildren. A great joy to be so blessed. Take care x

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