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Sharing, cherish, grandmother, baby Sharing can be an outright gift Sharing can also be to barter What does barter mean A little example garden-wise Get free plants Share with each other A glut for one is a need for another Thinning out of plants or vegetables or herbs What to do with the excess besides throwing into bin I […] Continue reading →

Love of the family

Love of the Family, caring for the aged, ageing parents, love is patient , love is kind, Love my family No matter the ills Keep on keeping on With patient explaining With patient explaining With hugs and support For years long ago we needed support …Now turns the tide Young must support the aged. Then too also With loving concern To strengthen and cheer The younger in need… Remember to hug your […] Continue reading →

Just a simple day

Just a simple day, simple life, simple living, Life style, Lifestyle, time to wonder, garden chores autumn garden chores, meditate, meditation, yellow, cassia, Autumn rains, mulch “A simple day today with the three elements which we at times take for granted in our busy days….so today we simply pause, breathe, wonder, and absorb…” I wrote and posted this in April and had cause to re read my thoughts after seeing a visitor in the Stats to my blog from Russia today […] Continue reading →

What does Simple Living mean

International World Permaculture Day, What is simple living, simple living with children, story time with children, simple living , rain, nature walk in your garden, nature walk, open your eyes, blue skies, new start, lavender, bees Google. “What does Simple Living mean” “”simple living Web definitions Simple living encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. These may include reducing one’s possessions or increasing self-sufficiency, for example. Simple living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they need rather than want. …”” The above is […] Continue reading →


Contentment, simple living, be content Google. A useful tool in my search for “What does CONTENTMENT mean” The first hit that came up was this… noun:- a state of happiness and satisfaction. “She found contentment in living a simple life…” In the country In the city In a busy suburban street In the vast outback During good times During bad […] Continue reading →


Declutter, down size, decluttering home, declutter mind, sort , minimise, prepare garden, Autumn garden,clean house, Declutter… Releasing the old to make way for new …to renew …to refresh Declutter is a word for this modern word. Why? We have so much We are so busy, We are too busy to deal with it We want more, always more Never satisfied with the today We want tomorrow and more tomorrow Instead […] Continue reading →

Autumn makes for memories

Autumn makes for memories, beach, sand, ocean, holidays, children , laughter, family Memories flitting through my brain as I do my pile of ironing this beautiful autumn morning, like moving grains of sand on a beach. There one moment then gone. Like life, fleeting. Little boy’s words….in tunnel driving to airport with two and a half year old little boy in back seat saying over and over […] Continue reading →


Eucalyptus , anti-bacterial, deodorise , deodorize, kills germs , room freshener, bed freshener, shoe deodorizer, eucalyptus trees, eucalyptus oil, essential oil. Essential oils, Blogging on Friday Eucalyptus …a simple word Australian bush scents But oh so many uses… A refreshing scent… What ever the brand…be it Bosisto’s, or Double”D” or the Aldi brand or a Bunnings brand That’s how this post came about! I’m pottering round downstairs with all the doors wide open for it is a beautiful […] Continue reading →

Why is it raining today…

Why is it raining, refreshing, washing, water, rain, save water, rain drops, Basil, Nasturtium, vegetable garden, herbs, fresh herbs, bees, pollination , herb garden, It’s raining sort of… Drizzling Grey skies Soggy washing on the line Wet washing languishing in basket Dew drop beads of rain on washing line Don’t accidentally knock the line, or Big cold drops on your head But…. Green grass Mowed lawns No more drooping plants Now vibrant and crisp herbs appeased Weeds a-growing abundantly […] Continue reading →

Thankful for these days

Thankful for these things, red roses, cheaper from Aldi 5 Random Things I am thankful for this day 1..Summer Fun and memories 2..Cool days a coming 3..New lavender buds-love them 4..Comfort food for a cool morning 5..Observations from being with little boys 1..Thankful for the lovely family and friend times we shared outdoors during our summer here in Australia. Summer fun, Beach fun, picnic […] Continue reading →