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Post …Early morning wake up in Manilla

Photo Courtesy Proven Winners

On December 24 by a visitor to Manilla

“Am sitting in a little internet place at the Uni where J qualified emailing you.

The flight from Sydney to Manilla was good. We were met at the airport ….

Next come a very descriptive scenario. A word picture

I was awoken early this morning by passers-by walking through the lane next to my window. I could hear a lady talking quite loud into her mobile, AND the person on the mobile! It was still dark and then this was followed by 2 roosters who decided to tune in, which prompted a chorus of other cocks joining in. No need of alarms! This was soon followed – about 7.00 am by a video karaoke place – across the road, commencing its day, with music blaring – and someone attempting to sing :jingle bell, jingle bell rock, jingle bell rock…”. So that was the cue to get up. Had my wash and forgot my towel that was given me so dried with the flannel you provided. After lunch we got  tricycle taxi ( take a look at one of these on the internet) and this took us to another village called Asin, where we met a few others. There are thousands of tricycles. Google the word.

Anyway, better go….”

Well I did google the word and my son sent a link which I hope I can place in this blog :)